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Solids Control


QJ Mud Cleaner

Our line of solids control equipment plays a key role in responding to the environmental and economic pressures faced by the drilling industry today.Our solids control equipment include shale shaker,D-sander,D-silter,Vacuum Degasser ,Decanter centrifuge ,Mud tank etc ....[More] Composite frame shaker screen… LW 355 series decanter centrifu… ZS/Z-3 shale shaker

Downhole Motors


Mud/Gas Separator

The downhole screw motor is a kind of power tool that transforms the pressure of liquid to mechanical energy in the downhole. When the power liquid flows into the screw motor, pressure difference will be produced between the inlet and outlet of the motor, then the pressure difference drives the rotor rotating of planetary motion round the stator, and provides running torque and speed to the drill bit while the drill pipe is not rotating during work process, thus the drilling process is being per[More]

MWD system


Screw Pump

MTC MT-48RC utilizes measurement-while-drilling (MWD) surveying technology to determine the well path and its position in three –dimensional space .MWD is valuable tool that can establish true vertical depth ,bottom-hole location ,and orientation of directional drilling systems .[More]

Shaker Screen


Screw Conveyor

Machtec always keep precision-working tradition since manufacturing shaker screen ,meanwhile ,the design & manufacture of mesh all adopt the most advanced technology and production line in China .[More] Vertical cutting dryer

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