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ZS/Z-3 shale shaker

Machtec ZS/Z liner motion shale shaker is the first-stage solids control equipment that is elaborately manufactured by Machtec using the highest quality materials and the latest technology ,which features in high performance ,simple operation maintenance ,modularized function and more flexible configuration . MTC ZS/Z- 3Double deck shale shaker extr...

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  • Overview
  • Features & Benfits
  • Technical Parameters
Application :
MTC  ZS/Z-3 extremely performance  linear motion shale shaker is special designed for Siberia area .
Problems :
  • Large flow in top hole section from Siberia drilling site as well as dense mud ,contented clay problems ;
  • Large footprint for ordianry dual shakers ;
 Solution :
  •  Adopt upper and lower shaker deck ,increasing capacity ;
  • Weir feeder provide mud uniformity for dual screens separately
  •  Ensure working independently equipped with recycle mud- groove as well as increaing capacity ;
  • Cold-resistant & anti-corrosion material satisfy polar working environment 

Feature & Benefits 
  • Adopt mud distribution device ,which can according to flow of mud to agjust ;
  • Shaker screen as per API 13C , equipped with 3 hook strip screens & 3 frame screens ;
  • Easy operation for upper deck and lower deck ,which adopt wedge pretension system and hook strip pre-tension system separately .
Type ZS/Z-3
Capacity (L/S) 60
Motor power (KW) 2x2.2
Vibrating Motion Linear Motion 
Screen Qty (pcs) 5
Screen type 1181 X712
Screen Area 4.2
Adjustable G Force ≥6.5
Vibration Amplitude ≥5.5
Weight 2750
Dimension 3218×1810×1985


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